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Useful Tips to Improve Senior Safety at Home

Useful Tips to Improve Senior Safety at Home

Falls, cuts, and burns are some of the most common home accidents for the elderly. If you have an aging loved one who’s living alone, you may need to modify their home to keep them safe.

At AAA Personal Care, we encourage families to implement home safety precautions at their senior’s home. This way you can help to prevent injuries and maintain their independence. These tips, combined with our home care services in Aurora, Colorado, can help seniors age in place longer.

  • Bathroom
    Most falls occur in the bathroom. To prevent any accidents, have grab bars installed near the toilet and in the shower. You should also place nonskid mats in the bathtub.
  • Kitchen
    Keep your senior’s everyday items in the lower cabinets for ease of access. When it comes to kitchen appliances, make sure your loved one is using appliances with timers and thermostats since they’re easier to use.
  • Lighting
    Make sure that your senior’s home is well-lit, especially the stairs, bedroom, and bathroom. Adding more lamps or glow-in-the-dark switches can help.

If your loved one needs personal care assistance, you can get in touch with us now!

Our home care aide in Colorado can provide comprehensive quality services to ensure your aging loved one’s needs are met. For more details about how we can help you out, please set an appointment with us now.

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