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How to Keep Seniors Away From Bacteria and Viruses

How to Keep Seniors Away From Bacteria and Viruses

Germs can be everywhere. As these threats are unseen by the naked eye, they can attack anyone’s health without them knowing it. That is why Home Care Services in Aurora, Colorado should be more cautious in keeping a clean environment for the elderly, especially as they are more vulnerable to diseases due to aging and weaker immune system.

So, what should a Home Care Aide in Colorado do to keep elders safe from bacteria and viruses?

  • Always keep the seniors clean.

    Bathing daily will remove particles of dirt from the body. Proper handwashing with soap and water before mealtime can also protect the elderly from germs that they might put inside their mouth.

  • Wash and prepare foods properly.

    During food preparation, it is best to wash ingredients properly to avoid contamination and food poisoning. Make sure that you wash your hands, too, as you might also carry and transfer contaminants everywhere.

  • Sanitize all areas of the house.

    Aside from sweeping and mopping, disinfecting is also essential to keep elders away from illness-causing bacteria. Make sure that no seniors and kids are around when spraying disinfectants to avoid the inhalation of chemicals.

When it comes to Personal Care, housekeeping duties, and other types of assistance at home for your elderly loved ones, AAA Personal Care can be your best ally. We offer our services with the utmost patience, understanding, and respect for all our clients as we understand the importance of home health care to seniors. Call us now at 1-303-577-3202 for your inquiries.

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